Welcome to the 2nd Next Generation Kinase Inhibitors Summit

Increase the Specificity and Overcome Resistance of the Best-In-Class Kinase Inhibitor Products to Deliver Safe & Durable Clinical Responses

With strong effectiveness profiles and 20 years of FDA approval, kinase inhibitors have revolutionized oncology treatment. The success of current kinase inhibitor classes is nevertheless constrained by rising resistance and security concerns. 

The 2nd Next Generation Kinase Inhibitors Summit is the only industry-focused conference devoted to using novel kinase biology in drug development and innovating current programs to produce the next generation of kinase inhibitor drugs that can demonstrate effective and long-lasting clinical responses in oncology and other fields. 

Now with a deeper exploration of Assay Development tools to improve experimental accuracy 

AI/ML Integration into discovery and development to accelerate the development  

Greater consideration of new therapeutic opportunities in novel disease areas to expand horizons 

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