Partnership Opportunities

Partner with the Only Industry-Dedicated Kinase Inhibitor Meeting to Maximize your Influence

Following billions of pounds of investment into kinase inhibitor space and countless regulatory successes in the last decade, these highly efficacious targets remain a focal point of the industry. Biotech and pharma alike are working tirelessly to identify novel targets and harness novel innovations to overcome resistance and advance the development of the next generation of kinase inhibitor products.

This inaugural event is your unique opportunity to establish long-term partnerships and secure new business as the kinase inhibitor space focuses its efforts on the next generation. 

Join the conversation with biopharma C-Level Executives, VPs and Directors to establish yourself as a thought leader:

Kinase Inhibitors 1
Kinase Inhibitors 2
  • Support pre-clinical research efforts with target identification, validation, assay development
  • Improve clinical responses through supplying biomarker and diagnostic platforms to rationalize combinations and adopt personalized medicine approaches
  • Share insights and thought leadership to address development challenges and progress the next generation of kinase inhibitor therapies to the clinic

4 Key Reasons to Partner:

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Generate new business leads by securing invaluable connections with key decision-makers through structured networking and pre-organized 1-2-1 meetings

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Showcase your capabilities by positioning your product to C-Suite Executives, Vice Presidents & Directors at both Big Pharma companies and the innovative biotechs leading the way in kinase inhibitor development

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Build your network with the key decision-makers and pioneers in this fast-developing field to form long-lasting business relationships as the industry takes new heights

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Share your insights and thought-leadership to help drug developers overcome pre-clinical development and progress the next generation of kinase inhibitors to the clinic.