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Join the definitive industry-led summit to advance the discovery, development and translation efforts of kinase inhibitors to deliver the best-in-class kinase inhibitors to development

Download your free copy of the Event Guide to take a glimpse of our 20+ pioneering speakers, featuring a host of presentations, discussions and interactive sessions to bring the safest and most durable kinase inhibitor to the market.


Join us at the Next Generation Kinase Inhibitors Summit to:

  • UNCOVER first-hand insights into the challenges of kinase inhibitor development to enhance specificity, overcome the blood-brain barrier and weaponize against resistance
  • SAVE valuable time and resources by discovering the cutting-edge platforms and technologies which will optimize target validation and accurately predict off-target effects
  • FORM lasting connections by engaging directly with leading pharma and biotech companies that actively develop kinase inhibitor therapies and are seeking the best-in-class solutions

Download the Event Guide to Discover:

  • 20+ expert speakers
  • 1 expert-led workshop
  • 2 panel discussions to ask your burning questions to global leaders