Pre-Conference Workshop

Tuesday | March 29, 2022


Workshop A: Harnessing Effective Translational & Clinical Strategies to Prevent Future Safety Issues and Accelerate Kinase Inhibitor Development to Cover Unmet Needs in Humans

1pm-4pm EST

As the kinase inhibitor field has been revived following a surge in investment, drug developers are exploiting novel kinase biology and repurposing existing kinase inhibitors to deliver for patients in need. However, the old issues of selectivity, safety, toxicity and resistance continue to plague kinase inhibitor development, highlighting the need to think ahead for effective translation strategy to accelerate these discoveries through development.

This workshop will discuss:

  • Translating from preclinical models of pharmacological activity to therapeutic efficacy in humans
  • Exploring the tools to predict continuity between selectivity of novel kinase inhibitors and potential mechanisms of resistance from preclinical models to humans
  • Realizing toxicity and safety signals in existing clinical trials across different indications to inform future R&D
  • Understanding the mechanisms behind the safety signaling to inform future drug design
  • Learning from approved kinase inhibitor safety experience to better understand risk-benefit across diseases and to improve clinical development of future kinase inhibitor generations



Workshop Leaders:

Leslie Cousens

Leslie Cousens
Senior Director, Search & Evaluation, Respiratory & Immunology


Sandra Wiley
Senior Medical Scientist
MEI Pharma

Steve Fruchtman

Steve Fruchtman
President & CEO
Onconova Therapeutics